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The young Picasso in Gosol

Picasso and Ferdinande reached Gosol in the Pyrenees on 27. May 1906, after an arduous train journey from Barcelona. The last leg of the journey was on mules transporting trunks with Parisian wardrobe of Ferdinande and colours of Pablo. Gosol is pre-roman toponym and is noted as a settlement since construction of a castle in 13th Century. The still existing church was consecrated in 1892. Here Picasso came in an intensive contact with "el primitivismo románico, in particular the Virgin on Gosol, a 76 cm large polychromic wooden statue (today exhibited at National Catalan Museum of Art). Comparing the void and jet spiritual expression of the Virgin with haunting portrait of Gertrude Stein leaves few doubts of its powerful influence on Picasso

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